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moana strain

Moana! The beloved  strain is back, new inflorescence, new CBD! The aroma of these buds is enveloping, with woody, almost pungent notes. moana strain genetics is a second generation hybrid, we are talking about the famous and much loved OG KUSH, as well as an icon in the history of Cannabis. These little buds of cannabis sativa L. have a rounded and compact appearance with a dank colour!

A selection of cheap Legal Marijuana produced with the smallest inflorescences, and thanks to the very few presence of branches it develops very enveloping scents. La Moana (  Legal Marijuana ) has a dark green almost olive color with small and very compact strains.

The characteristics of the moana strain

Just like the other types of plants that belong to the “Cannabaceae” classification, even in the case of the sativa hemp plant we are actually talking about a plant that grows and produces flowers all year round. Specifically, it is a plant whose flowers are characterized by the absolute absence of fruits and petals and which have only one seed.

This type of  plant grows naturally  all year round. This means that it is not necessary to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. At the same time, for the growth of the sativa hemp plant it is not even necessary to have to provide a particular care or a certain irrigation process.

Furthermore, among the various distinctive characteristics of the cannabis sativa plant, there are certainly the presence of very long and thin leaves, characterized by a slender and often very tall stem. For this reason, the times required for the flowering of this type of plant could sometimes be so long, even reaching almost a year.





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