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Lemon haze hash is a popular cannabis strain known for its unique aroma and uplifting effects. Here’s a description of Lemon Haze:

Appearance: Lemon Haze hash are typically medium to large in size and have a dense, compact structure. The flowers are often elongated and tapered, with vibrant green hues. They are usually covered in a generous layer of sticky trichomes, giving them a frosty and glistening appearance.

Aroma: True to its name, lemon haze strain has a strong citrusy and zesty aroma that resembles freshly squeezed lemons. The scent is bright, tangy, and refreshing, with hints of sweet lemon candy and a subtle earthiness in the background. The fragrance can be quite pungent and invigorating.

Flavor: When consumed, Lemon Haze offers a taste experience that matches its aroma. It has a pronounced lemon flavor that is tangy and slightly sour, reminiscent of lemon zest. Some phenotypes may also exhibit hints of sweetness, giving it a lemon candy-like quality. On the exhale, you may detect earthy undertones and a touch of spiciness.



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1 review for LEMON HAZE HASH

  1. Simon J Ash

    The quality of the this hash exceeded my expectations and will definitely be ordering again

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