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Jasmin by Legal Weed shows up with graceful and compact flowers, jasmine weed it is one of our most appreciated inflorescences and has always been a product of our Top 10. Its colors remain in the phase of complete maturation of a bright green with orange pistils, appreciated for its sweet and fruity aroma. jasmine weed is grown outdoors . It is rich in resins given by its prosperous production characteristics. The aroma of this legal Cannabis Light inflorescence is of strawberry and red fruits, peculiarities of this genetics ( Strawberry ).

Jasmin is available in different formats, up to 100 grams to stock up on your favorite Legal Hemp.

Legal Marijuana is   obtained from dried light hemp inflorescences . Only female inflorescences are used, whose THC content is fixed and respected according to the law. Each variety of Legal Marijuana produces active ingredients in different quantities, compared to all the others.



1g, 2.5g, 5g, 50g, 100g


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