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Wasabi hash comes over as a new hash on the market, one infused with a fresh dose of pine flavour. Its THC concentration runs at 20%, with a very flexible potency. Though, this hash offers a relatively powerful high that never gets old. The euphoric effects will energize your mind, placing you into a blissful state as soon as the euphoria settles down. With an Indica profile of 60%, wasabi hash is very relaxing and can treat a wide variety of medical symptoms.
It’s not everyday that you get to see such a colourful and vivid-looking strain. Even when dried out, Wasabi hash is dark-green, with small-rounded nugs that swim across a sea of orange hairs. On top of all this, there’s a resinous blanket of snow-white crystal trichome that make everything look even more delicious. You’ll be astounded by how good this hash looks, especially when you start smoking it. The smoke is very smooth and appetizing, giving you one more reason to enjoy this hash to its fullest.

The flavour comes around to one thing – fresh pine and a rich aroma of flowers. When you take your first toke, a wave of herbal and earthy pine taste will come to you. Your taste buds will fully appreciate the complexity and depth of this flavour. As you exhale, even more pine and an aromatic flower touch will make themselves known. It’s evident that Wasabi is a pungent hash that aims to impress even the most stringent consumers.

When it comes to psychoactive effects, wasabi hash doesn’t play around. Its THC concentration is at 20%, and with an Indica profile of 60%, this hash delivers a subtle euphoric drift at first. Then, as it settles your mind down and puts you into a blissful and joyful state, the full-body experience can begin unrestrained. Though, not before uplifting your mood and energizing your mind. The budding euphoria doesn’t stop until your depression is gone.

After that comes a potent body buzz that leaves you fully relaxed and a bit sedated. It’s a form of deep relaxation that becomes more profound toward the end of the experience. You feel at ease with yourself as the pains go away, and even your insomnia goes away with the pains.


1g, 5g, 10g, 100g


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