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michigan hash


The new michigan hash packaging has a biodegradable, multilingual and eco-sustainable soft touch package.With an attractive design, equipped with an intelligent opening, it prevents deterioration.
Totally made in Italy.

The color and smell of our Legal Hashish products may undergo alterations over time as they are totally natural and free of chemical additives.
Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep in a dry and cool place.
Legal Hashish above 30° suffers a loss of aroma due to the natural drying of the terpenes.

hash is a particular type of  Indian Legal Hashish , much sought after and appreciated. The history of michigan  is a bit complicated because its denomination, over time, has always been side by side and confused with that of Legal Hashish commonly known to most.



1g, 5g, 10g, 100g

1 review for MICHIGAN

  1. Peterson Watson

    Highly effective for pain relief

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